Monday, 21 May 2012

Current Loves & Loathes

So I'm currently tucked up in bed watching 'I Don't Know How She Does It', feeling a little under the weather and I fancied doing a quick and easy post to get me back into this blogging business!

- LOVING that uni is now finished. No more essays, obligatory reading or deadlines. Hooray!
- Now that I have plenty of free time, I'm really enjoying pampering myself by regularly giving myself a DIY manicure. (sad, I know)
- Following on from my manicure obsession, I recently bought some new Nails Inc. polishes. So good I may just have to write a post soon...
- Getting into the summery vibe by using cream blush/bronzer and liquid highlight. Can't beat summer skin!
- Real Techniques brushes. Just fab. Softer than my MAC brushes. Can't say enough positive things about them but there's so many reviews out there that I'm sure you've all heard enough about them already!

- Seeing as I'm mildly obsessed with nails at the moment, I'm going to make this statement right now and I hereby vow that this blog will NEVER EVER mention the following beauty crimes EVER again: crackle & yellow nail polish need to disappear off the face of the planet. End of discussion.
- Job applications. Ugh. Just ugh.
- Serious lack of money which will not be resolved without the above. Double ugh.
- 'One-uppers'. You know those kind of people who always have to be that little bit better than you? Bore off, before the wind changes and the smug look on your face gets stuck there.

Proper post coming tomorrow, I promise!

A xo

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