Sunday, 30 October 2011

... The perfect winter uniform!

This is my idea of a staple winter outfit for me. The jumper is H&M and I already have it in three different colours (I have seen three more I want...) and the boots are the Zara ones I mentioned in my last blog post.
The jewellery is a little fanciful, but the bag WILL be mine come my 21st birthday in February:)

This outfit is my idea of heaven. The jumper is thin so a t-shirt can be worn underneath and another layer can be added underneath a jacket for extra warmth if necessary.


Saturday, 29 October 2011

...being a bad blogger!

Aghhh, let me just start off with a quick apology! I have been MIA recently due to several inconveniences including internet issues, heading back to university and some personal health problems. I am however, keen to get back into this and get my blog off the ground!!!

I have also been rather naughty and bought quite a few products that I am keen to review very, very soon! (My bank account is NOT a happy bunny at the moment!)

To ease me back into this blogging lark, I thought I'd just write a quick post detailing my 'loves' and 'loathes' of October as the month is nearly over and Winter is well and truly here!!!

* My gooooooooorgeous new collarless coat from Zara:
During term-time I live in Canterbury which is notoriously windy and cold in the winter. My time at university has taught me the art of dressing warmly whilst being able to feel fabulous and chic. I have a gorgeous navy blue 'princess-style' coat that I brought from River Island last year which is lovely, yet my style has changed a lot over the past 12 months as I have grown older and I am *FINALLY* beginning to realise that I should dress for my body shape and what I like, NOT what is bang on trend!
When I ventured into Zara with my housemate earlier this month, I instantly fell in love with this coat...
It looks SO much nicer in real life, and I don't wear it buttoned up as it is rather unflattering to do so. (Maybe I shall pester the boyf into taking a picture of me wearing it when he visits next week!). It is a very flattering cut and the fact that it is collarless works perfectly with another current obsession of mine- shirts. I can tell I will be wearing this until it falls apart, I have worn it every day since I purchased it, contrary to my usual fickle nature! Very classic and chic, and suits the lady I want to be!!!

*Zip-up suede boots
On the same fateful Zara trip, I spied some zip-up suede wedged boots which I have been lusting over online ever since... Unfortunately I had to choose between the boots or the coat (damn the student budget!), but it's payday next week so maybe you shall be seeing a picture of these bootiful (sorry, had to be done) shoes sooner rather than later!

At the end of September I was prescribed some medication on which I should avoid drinking alcohol. Boo :(
I'm not a big alcohol drinker, however I am partial to some Vanilla Absolut vodka in a glass of Diet Coke, or a nice glass of chilled rosé at the end of a particularly long, taxing day. As I am now deprived of my little indulgence, I have been in search of something to replace it. I have decided that coffee is the new alcohol. I am spoiled by having three Starbucks coffee shops in Canterbury and coffee before seminars is now a regular thing!
My Starbucks order of choice is a skinny vanilla latte (yummy!) and I stumbled across these in Sainsbury's for those days when I can't make it into town.
Not as good as my beloved Starbucks but SO easy to just boil the kettle and mix it all up in a Thermos cup before hopping on the bus up to campus. It's nice to have a coffee on the desk when you're in a 4pm seminar and the teacher is going ooooon and ooooon....

*Patrick Stump's solo album 'Soul Punk':
I've been in love with his voice since my angsty young teen years. Finally, he has released a solo album which really showcases his musical talent. Very soul-inspired and simply beautiful. This has me dancing round my room when I'm getting ready!

x Angora sweaters:
Well, I don't hate angora sweaters, I just hate that they malt EVERYWHERE. I made the mistake of purchasing a luxurious Fenn Wright Manson waterfall cardigan over the summer. Bargain. Of. The. Century. I paid less than £20 for £150 worth of designer snuggliness. TKMaxx IS worth wading through sometimes! And, no one has to know how cheap it was...
Unfortunately, the sweater is 50% angora. Beautifully soft and most importantly, warm but it sheds at the slightest touch. If I wear it with black then I look like I've been rolling in cotton wool. Not a good look, I'm sure you'll agree. I am just resigned to wearing my gorgeous light grey cardi with jeans and white tops. Must remember to avoid contact with others.

x Wisdom teeth:
Ouch. 'Nuff said.

x Over-priced scenester fodder:
I am currently back at home for a quick visit and yesterday I went to the brand-new shopping centre in my hometown. Got rather excited at the prospect of having a Topshop so close to home, then was enormously disappointed when I went in to discover that the shop was full of incredibly average clothes. They seem to be marketing themselves at the kind of girl who wears 'vintage' Levi's shorts and baggy t-shirts with wolves on. Not cute. Disillusioned, I headed over to Superdry with my boyfriend. Cue the gasp of horror when I picked up a very average knitted jumper and discovered it was priced at £99.00.
I would be prepared to spend a good chunk of money on a jumper if it was of REALLY good quality and was a little bit 'different'. I didn't fancy spending a fortune to look like the the poseurs in those over-hyped shops. I'll stick to my beloved Zara and H&M for realistically-priced Euro-chic that enables me to style my outfit in a way which suits me, thanks!

x Nail polish which takes forever to remove:
Chanel 'Graphite', I do adore you. However, if you wish to chip so easily then I suggest you make yourself easier to remove!

Hmm, not quite the quick post I imagined. This is rather more wordy than I intended!
Perhaps this is a sign that I need to rant more often...

Until the next time, ladies!
A xo