Monday, 22 August 2011

... Foundation!

Foundation has been a constant issue for me ever since I started wearing makeup. I have tried cheap ones, pricey ones, liquids, cremes, mousses, and powders to name a few...

My problem lies in my skin type; I have dry/combination skin that has the tendancy to get oily on the T-zone every now and again. I also have rather uneven skin tone and some scarring from spots when I was younger. Thankfully, my skin has got over it's 'funny teenage moment' and now I get spots very rarely. My parents kindly bestowed upon me a face full of freckles which while lovely, become a pain when applying a base, especially in the summer when they are more prominent.

As a result of all of these factors, I find that I need coverage to even out my skin, but too much and my masked freckles make my skin appear as though I have conducted my morning routine using a cement mixer and trowel.

A consultant on a makeup counter suggested that I try a mineral powder foundation, and I was sceptical to say the least.

Powder with my dry skin? I don't want to look cakey, thanks. Powder when I need coverage? Yeah, right.

Well, I hold up my hands... I was wrong.

Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder Foundation is my saviour. Although it is a powder, it is a moisturising formula which ensures you do not look too cakey. The coverage is buildable so you can apply more where necessary and it enables you to choose how heavy your makeup is, depending on the occasion. There is also a light (and subtle) shimmer in the powder which gives you a healthy and pretty glow.

Having tried SO many foundations over the years, I am happy to have found a foundation that works with my skin. It makes me look really healthy and it is a good base for the rest of my makeup. I am applying my makeup at 6.30 in the morning at the moment and it is staying in place well into the evening which is perfect as I do not like to touch up during the day.

Application: I am currently using a MAC 150 powder brush to apply the powder, I know that this is not the preferred method of application for mineral foundation, but it seems to be working for me. I may consider trying a Kabuki brush to see whether it changes the finished look of the product on my skin.

- A lot of product in the pot considering you don't need much for a full face application
- Nice, subtle glow
- Buildable coverage so you can tailor it to your requirements
- Staying power
- Natural looking

- Expensive- At £31.00 it is an expensive gamble if you have never tried anything like this before but I believe you get what you pay for. 
- Bulky packaging- not ideal for traveling/handbags although Laura Mercier do sell a pressed compact version
- Messy- not for use when in a rush. Trust me, I speak from experience...
- Glow- not a con for me but I know that many girls like a matte look to their foundation

All in all, I am so happy I took a chance and bought this! It has become an everyday staple for me and my half-finished bottles of foundation are now sat on my shelf gathering dust.

Although this product works for me, it may not work for everyone. I know many people that swear by iconic liquid foundations that look fabulous on them but look rather lacklustre on my skin. Foundation shopping is sadly about trial and error, but you will eventually find the right one for you!

Good luck in your quest, Beauty Girls!

A xo

Image courtesy of Laura Mercier

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