Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chanel Autumn 2011 Nail Polish

Throughout the course of this blog, you will come to learn that I am a bit of a nail polish nut, especially when it comes to Chanel polishes.

When I first became interested in Chanel polishes, I awaited the new collections with anticipation but the 'must-have' polishes always sold out so quickly. This meant that I had to wait for a considerable amount of time for the hype to die down and for them to come back in stock. (I had to wait MONTHS for both Paradoxal and Black Pearl- my current favourites).

I tend to wear darker polishes and so I prefer the Autumn/Winter collections. When I was informed by my local Chanel advisor that the new polishes were coming out on August 19th (Gabrielle Chanel's birthday, no less) I decided to be 'that girl' and put my name on the waiting list for all three.

The advisor showed me the colours and I knew instantly that I would buy Peridot and Graphite but I wanted to wait and see Quartz in person before I made a decision as I was unsure about the colour.

So, last Friday I patiently waited for a phone call from the Chanel counter and I popped in on my lunch break when they informed me that my polishes were waiting for me!

My suspicions about Quartz were correct; a soft brown metallic that I wouldn't choose to wear. It is still a very pretty colour and I would recommend it for those who prefer less of an 'in-your-face' look.

It seems as though Peridot is set to be the 'must-have' of this collection (much like Black Pearl and Paradoxal before it) and it really is beautiful. It is a very unusual green/gold metallic with the occasional hint of blue. Different angles and types of light emphasise the different colours in the polish so it can go from a pure gold to a light green as you move the nail around. I would recommend buffing your nails before using this as the metallic/holographic quality of the polish means that it highlights every imperfection on the nail bed.

I feel that Graphite will not be as popular as Peridot but for me, I love it just as much. It is a glittery polish as opposed to the metallic Peridot and it has a graphite/pewter finish to it. Again, when it moves in the light it can look more grey/blue or silver depending on the brightness. You will also notice an occasional gold shimmer when under artificial light which adds to the dimension of the polish.

Graphite applies very thinly, as with most glitter polishes. This means that it is a very easy polish to work with as you can apply multiple coats (I prefer three for complete coverage) within quick succession. Peridot also applies quite thinly and I find that two coats are more than enough, although it is important to be precise with your brush strokes for the polish to look flawless. It certainly seems that Chanel have worked on their formulations as these polishes are very quick and easy to apply.

All in all, these are beautiful polishes, although £17.50 for a bottle is expensive. I have seen several cheaper dupes of previous collections (one of which I will review at some point) and I'm sure that several lower price cosmetic companies will want to get on the action some time soon should you want to spend less!

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Please excuse my pathetic photography attempt- Graphite (L) and Peridot (R). Photographs of these polishes do not show how truly amazing they are! Pop to your local Chanel counter to check them out for yourself.

First image courtesy of Chanel

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