Thursday, 29 March 2012

This week, I couldn't live without...

These beauties!

It's been so hot and sunny over the last week that my beautiful new Chanel sunglasses have been getting lots of loving!

They were a gift from my boyfriend for my birthday and he bought them from the David Clulow concession in Harrods. (If you're reading this- thanks boo!)

What girl doesn't love a good bit of CC action?! They're still available in store as they are from their summer collection... We all know they're a worthwhile investment!

A xo


  1. I Know What You Mean :) I've been living in my Chanel 5171's All Week :D It's Nice To See The Sun Shining For A Change :)


  2. omg I love these sunglasses :)
    they are just amazing!