Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Body Shop Haul

Sorry I have been M.I.A recently, dissertation writing and blog posts don't mix very well! I have also been suffering from what I think is a reaction to a skin care product, so I have had to stop using everything and then slowly reintroduce products which has been a pain to say the least!

So, as I have mentioned, I placed a rather large Body Shop order back in January. All of the products are good as to be expected and so to save you all am enormous ranty post, I thought that I would share my favourites which I would definitely purchase again.

As pictures aren't really necessary here, I have just provided links so that you can easily read about the products in more detail :)

Shea Body Butter:

This. Stuff. Is. Divine! I am a massive fan of body butters and this is everything I ask for in a body moisturiser. No one is immune to dry winter skin and this cream is so rich and thick that it can be used on even the scaliest of skins. I have also discovered that it is excellent at prolonging the life of fake tan. Ideally, this should be used before bed as it is slow to sink in but I enjoy this as it makes me really aware of its affects. A softer and more subtle scent than cocoa butter means that it is more wearable. I would consider this my ultimate skin saver!

Vanilla Body Spray:
I love perfume. I am one of those girls who wears perfume for no other but herself. I know that perfume is designed to linger, yet I find that I get used to scents easily. I would bathe in the stuff if I could as I like to be able to smell my perfume all day! I found that I was using up faaaar too much of my expensive perfumes, and so I decided to find an alternative to make my habit a little cheaper. This body spray is a lovely, warm and sweet vanilla scent that lingers for longer than I expected it would, and for around £8 for 100ml, it's an absolute bargain. My perfumes live to fight another day...

Scented Hand Sanitizer: (couldn't find these on the website! They are still in stores though, keep an eye out for the buckets by the till!)
Okay I admit it, my name is Alexandra and I'm a germaphobe. I loathe being ill (mind you, I don't think many people actually ENJOY that...) and I travel on public transport every day so you will never catch me without hand sanitiser. The trouble is, the selection of scents available are uninspiring and they usually just leave a nasty smell of alcohol anyway which isn't good. These however, smell gorgeous; they leave you feeling clean AND they only smell like alcohol if you shove your nose into your palm. BONUS!

Tea Trea Oil:
This one is a bit of a cult product that I can truly vouch for as I have been using it since I first stepped into the miserable world of embarrassing teenage skin. In my humble opinion, this should be a staple in every Beauty Girl's skin care arsenal. It dries spots and simultaneously disinfects with that divine sting which reassures you that it is working. It worked on my awful skin as a teenager and now I use it at the first sign of a spot to keep things clean and flare-up free. I have lost count of how many bottles that I have been through. Don't be fooled by it's size, it is much more impressive than it looks. I would advise that you check it out for yourself as I could rave about this stuff for hours and hours...
(Word of warning: use sparingly and only directly on affected areas. It is VERY drying and a flakey face is not a good look!)


  1. I love body shop products! I was so used to using the carex hand sanitizer until I saw the body shop ones in store and literally fell in love, I'm using the lemon one at the moment but I have the mango, strawberry and satsuma ones too! (i'm a nurse, me and germs will fight this ongoing battle til death! lol)

    I'm also loving the mango body butter, it's great for my extremely dry skin! Great post and good luck with your dissertation! I just graduated a little while ago so I know hard it is and wish you all the best :D

    xoxox - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts :D

  2. Oh! Thank you for your best wishes! Glad to see that someone else loves Body Shop as much as I do!! Xo