Thursday, 1 December 2011

... moist and sexy lips!

I'm a sucker for a bright lipstick but I have REALLY dry lips so I often find that I avoid lipstick so that I don't end the day on a flaky note!

I stumbled across the new Max Factor Colour Elixir lipsticks when purchasing my Max Factor mascara and I thought I'd give them a go and take advantage of Boots' 3 for 2 offer. (This offer is no longer available!)

These lipsticks are FANTASTIC. The only thing that disappoints me is the colour range available (the two that I purchased were the only colours I really liked) but as it is a new range, hopefully it will be extended to include more shades soon!

I have had these for a while now and have refrained from reviewing them so I can really test them out! They really are moisturising and they last all day although they do stain the lips. I have taken some pictures to show you instead of rambling on as usual!!!

Lovely packaging for a high-street brand!

Bewitching Coral (827) top & Ruby Tuesday (715) bottom!

Ruby Tuesday (L) & Bewitching Coral (R). As you can see, Ruby Tuesday is a true, classic red and Bewitching Coral is a gorgeous pinky-coral. They are really creamy and smooth to apply!

Me wearing Ruby Tuesday!

As these lipsticks are moisturising, they do transfer onto glasses easily when drinking but they last well on the lips so touch-ups are hardly required!

Definitely a fan of these!
A xo


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