Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Oh Liz, I love you...

Now, there are a million Cleanse and Polish reviews out there. EVERYONE seems to love this now cult beauty product, including myself. I have used it for quite some time now and enjoy how great it leaves my skin feeling and looking. So, you can imagine my excitement when I opened up an email from Liz's team about a new Cleanse and Polish product... I had to order some and try it out!

The new product is a limited edition version in collaboration with The Prince's Trust which incorporates rose and lavender and £2 from every bottle sold goes to the charity.

The publicity surrounding the product declares that the addition of rose and lavender makes it ideal for your evening cleanse. Oh my wow, are they right. Cleanse and Polish smells incredible as it is but the new additions almost make the limited edition version seem supercharged- as dedicated beauty fans, you should all know the calming benefits of lavender and rose! The scent is lovely for the evening time, but the properties of the lavender and rose also mean that it helps your skin recover from any irritations it has faced throughout the day.

As always, it leaves your skin feeling super soft thanks to the cocoa butter and the exfoliating action of the muslin cloths, and although it is scented, everything is natural so you sensitive flowers out there don't need to worry about turning red and puffy when using this.

My only concern about the product is this: the fact that it is limited edition. I love the fact that they have bought out a version aimed at a luxurious evening cleanse! It really does make me feel pampered when I use it!

As it is a limited edition product (Liz, we may have some serious problems if you don't incorporate this into your permanent line) there is special white packaging with a really cute design on the bottle. It currently only comes in 150ml pump bottles. Personally, I like this and would like to see the usual C&P sold in this form.

So Liz Earle products are luxurious, good for your skin and natural, but what REALLY stands out for me is the customer service- I've not heard too many people talk about it and I think it's so fab that the Liz Earle team deserve a moment in the spotlight...

Okay, so usually I would prefer to try a product in store and speak to the sales associate but I know some people are a little intimidated by this and would prefer to buy online. This is really when the team come into their own. I have so much to say that I actually had to break it up into bullet points!

1. Packaging and delivery.
Liz Earle is based on the Isle of Wight and so all their orders get sent from there (to my knowledge). You can choose extra speedy delivery or normal, yet I have ALWAYS experienced prompt delivery (if sent via the slowest delivery method it usually arrives before I expected-win!) and the parcel is wrapped impeccably so nothing has ever arrived in an unfit state. They also provide instruction and ingredient booklets.

2. Customer care.
Within the package, they include a customer satisfaction card that includes a helpline number AND it is signed by the person that lovingly packed your goodies along with the promise that if it isn't up to scratch, they will sort it. The personal touch makes you feel special and valued.... Aaaaaww!

Okay, who doesn't love a freebie?!
My most recent order comprised of the new C&P and six new muslin cloths. Within my package there were two free muslin cloths, a travel size toner complete with 'Toning Guide' AND four samples of the new Sheer Skin Tint in varying shades which strikes me as rather thoughtful; usually companies just send out a generic beigey shade of sample foundation, designed to be the most universal but more often than not, they end up to turn you off the product in question rather than get you excited.
I took a picture of everything that arrived (with the exception of a packet of cloths and my freebie cloths) so you could get the idea of how much care goes into each package-

It's these simple personal touches that make ordering from Liz Earle a real treat. The experience really stands out from ordering from other retailers or from perusing beauty counters. For the record, all the girls on Liz Earle counters that I have encountered are charming and knowledgeable. Couldn't be further removed from the scowling dollies from other brands (which shall remain nameless) which surround them.

All this talk of the Liz Earle experience makes me want to call their customer services line just for a chat... I get the feeling they're all mega friendly!!!

So, all in all, well done to Liz and her team. Gorgeous products that stand out because of the quality, the price and the fabulous service provided!

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